WIFI Hotspots

When internet is with you everywhere.

Now get connected to internet at a blazing highspeed at selected public places, hospitals & educational campus at zero cost. Yes! you are right, it's zero cost internet service.

All you need a WIFI enabled mobile phone or laptop and connect to internet at no cost. Their is one time registration required on the go after you connect our WIFI access point.

Free 30 minutes browsing.
Hightspeed internet access.
Economical data plans.

Free 30 Minutes

Enjoy internet free for 30 minutes.

Easy access

Just enter your mobile number.


We ensure minimum 1 mbps speed.

Buy Online

You can buy paid plans online.

24/7 helpdesk

We are always eager to help you.

Free Roaming

Roam across our hotspots with single account.

Choose your package

WIFI Internet Plans

WIFI Single

$ 0.00/mo

Free browsing

30 minutes session

Dynamic IP

Upto 1 Mbps

WIFI Personal

$ 1.40/mo

Datalimit: 1 GB

Upto 2 Mbps

30 Days validity

WIFI Professional

$ 3.52/mo

Datalimit: 2.5 GB

Upto 2 Mbps

30 Days validity

WIFI Freak

$ 7.05/mo

Datalimit: 6 GB

Upto 2 Mbps

30 Days validity

Wifi plans can be purchased only from WIFI Hotspot connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the limitations of free browsing plan?

Free browsing permits 30 minutes per session and use needs to re-authenticate once the session gets over. Also the free plan can be used only for browsing and it blocks the file download or video streaming.

You can follow instruction on login page after conncting to our WIFI hotspot. The same can be ordered using Credit/Debit cards.

Our hotspot is presently available at few locations in lucknow and barabanki (Uttar Pradesh, India).

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